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Super Yacht SCUBA Diving Services & Consulting

Immersed Dive Systems provides all aspects of professional dive services for the luxury yachting industry. We have expertise in consulting and design; sales and distribution of equipment; and the installation of breathing gas systems.

Onboard Gas Breathing Systems

We have experience in design, planning and installation of integrated high pressure gas breathing systems. Producing Air, Nitrox, Oxygen and mixed gases, their storage and delivery application supporting all recreational and technical diving activities.

Dive Tender Design

Our consultancy service includes expertise in the design and planning of unique dive-specific tenders for private yachts. Designed in conjunction with your team, to best facilitate your guests diving application and enjoyment, concentrating on deck arrangement and gear storage.

Dive Locker Design

Planning, design and installation of onboard dive lockers/centers, utilising space and efficiency. Customised, durable and practical cabinets for dive equipment storage solutions onboard your vessel, finished to high yachting standard.

Equipment Info, Sales & Distribution

We provide worldwide distribution of all brands of dive equipment and accessories at competitive prices. Impartial advice on equipment requirements for all aspects of dive operations, including recent industry innovations for dive gear and video/photo cameras and housing.
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